Manisa Magnesia Mall Project



Turkey – Manisa

Real estate investment and development expert Redevco, Manisa Shopping Mall project is being constructed in Istanbul- Izmir road in Manisa, Ege’s most developed city in industrial sector and which has 1.300.000 population, and located in an area populated intensely in the city center.

Manisa Shopping Mall is getting prepared to offer a brand new commerce space and also a social living space for people in Manisa. Manisa Shopping Mall is opening the door to a brand new world for its visitors with its 51.000 square meters rentable area, 145 outstanding shops, 20 restaurants and cafes, 1.800 square meters technology market, 10.700 square meters hypermarket, 5.500 square meters construction market and a Cineplex with 8 movie theatres.
Redevco, which gives particular importance to green building standarts on project development, applies Building Research & Establishment & Environmental Assessment Methods named BREEAM which is a building development standard (which started to be applied in 1990 in England) to all of its projects. BREEAM, which enriches all of its environmental performances in land use of structures, ecology, energy use, water, construction materials, health, transportation, pollution and management, plays an important role in development of green buildings and in the investments of Redevco.

Gross Rentable Area : 51.000 m²

Retail : 28.000 m²

Restaurant : 2.500 m²

Hypermarket : 10.700 m²

Cinema : 2.500 m²

Technology Market : 1.800 m²

Construction Market : 5.500 m²

Shop : 145 shops

Parking area : -

Task : Finishing Works, Project Management