I was born in Izmir in 1983. I graduated from Izmir Ozkanlar Elementary School, Suphi Koyuncuoğlu Anatolian High School and Dokuz Eylul University Faculty of Engineering-Department of Civil Engineering.

Initially, I worked as a Field Engineer, Vice Control Engineer and Control Engineer and then I turned towards the Project Management area (which I find more interesting) in 2010. Finally, I sat the PMP (Project Management Professional) examination of Project Management Institute in 2013 and received the title of Professional Project Manager. Carrying out various duties in the beginning, such as planning, performing, monitoring, control and closing phases of Project Management and I then transformed my knowledge into experience.

Subsequently, I became a member of the Construction Specification Institute and International Institute of Business Analysis and closely followed tools and improvements regarding Project Management in international literature, which I continue to do so today.

06.06.2006 is the milestone of my life. The The dawn of a new beginning, my rebirth, change of my view on life, my promise to my wife Senem Eğilmezer, for a long life of togetherness. Our wedding day… 10.03.2008 coincides with the day of the birth of my sweet, beloved, precious daughter Ceylin Eğilmezer, who is the biggest present from my wife, The only person that can take the throne from my wife in my heart. 12.09.2015 is the day that my dear son, Zafer Mehmet joined us and gave further meaning to my life. again. My deepest gratitude go to my father Zafer Ziya Eğilmezer, my mother Sabiha Eğilmezer, my sisters Nurdan Eğilmezer and Nural Eğilmezer for their presence and supports all through my life.

Historically, I worked as a team member in middle and senior management in project management for many successful national and international large-scale projects.

In June 2015, I successfully completed the MBA program of Mersin University (Master of Business Administration), Social Sciences Institute which I started in 2013 to get academic knowledge about business management, professional development, and to be more successful in my business life via the implementation of more scientific approaches.

Civil Engineer Mehmet EGILMEZER, PMP, MBA, CSI