Concrete Industry

Concrete Industry

It existingly carries on business in concrete industry within the boundaries of Azerbaijan with 9 Concrete Production Facility.The 5 of them are located in province of Baku and the rest of them is located in various regions of Azerbaijan.

Balaxani Concrete Facility, 40.000 m3 production capacity

Prisagi Concrete Facility, 85.000 m3 production capacity

Hocasen Concrete Facility, 70.000 m3 production capacity

Musfik Concrete Facility, 30,000 m3 production capacity

Zig Concrete Facility, 70,000 m3 production capacity

Quba Concrete Facility, 30.000 m3 production capacity

Sabran Concrete Facility, 60.000 m3 production capacity

Qazax Concrete Facility, 80.000 m3 production capacity

Semkir Concrete Facility, 30.000 m3 production capacity

I have taken part in the project team in the set-up stage of the Operation General Management System and in the establishment of Cost Accounting system for the factories included in Akkord Concrete Production Industry. The consolidation of Income and Expense reports prepared for Executive Management, Cost of Sales, Production amount and efficiency analysis reports of Concrete Production Facilities ; monitoring and controlling of reporting process of these to the management.