Shahdag Tourism Complex (Phases 1.1.2-1.1), Qusar Azerbaijan

Location : Baku, Azerbaijan

Construction Site : 70,000 square meters

Start Date : July 2012

Final Completion : December 2015 (Estimated Phase 1.1.2-1.2)

Concept Design : Swiss Town Consult

Detail Design : DİA

Customer : Republic of Azerbaijan Ministry of Culture and Tourism

Supervisor / Project Manager : : ILF/Swiss Town Consult

Scope of Work : Turnkey construction including FF&E, infrastructure, track and road construction, river engineering and derivation, landscaping, water intake, snow-making system and pumping stations.

Structures in the Project : Main plaza and central parking area (27.000m2), fire department (1.150 m2), studio building (600m2), service building (1.500m2), aerial tramway terminal (5.000 m2), 2 pumping stations for snow-making (2.100 m2), power station (750 m2), 915 m long tunnel, steel bridge.

Special Features of the Project : It serves as a continuation of the first ski resort in the history of Azerbaijan and the construction continues at 2,200m altitude. In the project, which has 3 main and 9 side ski slopes, the total length of the tracks reaches 9 kilometers and covers 48.3 hectares. A total of 129 snow machines serve all the tracks.

Basic Elements of the Project : 2.712.000 m³ excavation, 1.371.000m³ filler, 95.000 m3 concrete work, 190.000 m2 formwork, 11.600 tons reinforced concrete , 45.000 m2 asphalt paving, 22.000 m2 construction road, 9.800 m rainwater drainage pipe, 12.600 m sewage pipe, 14.800 m wash-basin supply pipe, 13.800 m heating cooling pipe, 76.000 m electric cable trench, 350.000 m cable, 2 pumping station and 1 water reservoir, 1.000 m Ø1000 concrete pipe, 350 m Ø500 concrete pipe, 31.000 m piping, 21.000 m2 river bed stabilization, 9.600 m3 stone wall.

Task : Managing the time and cost management processes, variance analyses and consolidation of the executive reports.